Anxiety Reduction

We care about the comfort and well being of our patients. If you are uneasy about coming in for your dental checkup and cleaning, we have multiple methods of reducing your anxiety and making your visit more relaxing.

Nitrous oxide is highly effective, extremely safe and remarkably calming. It induces a relaxed, tranquil feeling that is perfect for many patients who may feel a little anxious about dental treatment. Nitrous oxide is called the “conscious analgesic” because patients remain awake and can communicate during their appointment. We can stop nitrous oxide at any time and adjust it for your comfort. Its effects wear off quickly which allows patients to resume their activities following the use of nitrous oxide.

Some patients require a deeper level of sedation in order to be comfortable receiving dental care.  We also offer oral medication and and the services of an anesthesiologist, who can perform intravenous sedation in our office.  We attempt to make your dental treatment as comfortable as possible.

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