Tooth Colored Fillings

Amalgam Tooth_Colored_Filling
Amalgam Composite

Tooth colored fillings called “composites” or “resins” offer a more esthetic and often better solution to restoring cavities than older silver fillings or “amalgams”. Composite restorations have been constantly improving over the years and are the restoration of choice in most instances. They are held in place by advanced bonding agents that integrally join them to tooth structure. Because composites are bonded to the teeth, the strength of the tooth is greater than when silver fillings are used. Composite restorations take a few more minutes to place, and cost a little more. Also, it is not usually necessary to remove as much healthy tooth structure when placing a composite as it is when placing an amalgam.

Instructions for new fillings

Tooth colored fillings set quickly, so chewing is permissible right away.

The gum tissue close to the restoration or at the anesthesia site may be tender for several days. A warm salt water rinse will relieve discomfort and aid healing.

If you had a long appointment, your muscles may be sore from keeping your mouth open. Using a heating pad for twenty minutes and/or sipping on warm liquids may help.

You may experience some sensitivity to hot or cold on the tooth immediately after a new restoration is placed. This is normal and should disappear quickly.

If your bite feels higher than normal or if you have pain on biting, contact our office for a follow-up adjustment appointment. We will work you in right away. Do not hesitate to call us should you have any problems or questions.