Implant Evaluation and Restoration

Dental implants can be an effective method to replace one tooth or several missing teeth, support a bridge or replace a denture. This type replacement is as close to having your natural tooth back as you can get. Unlike bridges, implants do not require nearby teeth to be cut down to create an anchor. They also help preserve your bone and can be cleaned with normal brushing and flossing. Implants can provide a stable foundation for dentures, which often embarrassingly slip and slide. Not every patient is a candidate for an implant, though. Your general and dental health are factors that are considered.

Several steps are usually involved in placing implants and a team approach is often used. Your treatment is coordinated with a specially trained surgeon. Several months are usually required to complete implant placement. Your insurance may or may not cover implant procedures.

Implant 1Implant 2

First, an anchor is placed into the jawbone by a specialist. If you are replacing a front tooth with an implant, often the surgeon will place the implant and Dr. Boyd will place a provisional abutment and crown that same day. This is to be worn for cosmetic purposes until the bone grows strong around the anchor, holding it firmly in place. This takes several months. Finally, Dr. Boyd places a permanent abutment and crown on the implant.

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