HIV Disease/AIDS

Why persons with HIV Disease/AIDS should seek treatment in our practice:

Dr. Boyd’s specific area of expertise is the oral manifestations of HIV Disease/AIDS. While in San Antonio, she was instrumental in building the Ryan White Dental Clinic at the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, where she was Dental Director. Dr. Boyd has lectured extensively and performed research about HIV Disease and AIDS. Upon returning to Dallas in 1992, she rebuilt the Dental Clinic at the Nelson-Tebedo Clinic For AIDS Research and was Director of Dental Services until 1996.

As a person living with HIV Disease/AIDS, you will receive excellent dental care with an emphasis given to your special needs. Consultations will be made with your physician as necessary, as well as a regular review of your pertinent blood work and medications. Dr. Boyd is particularly skilled at diagnosing and managing oral manifestations of HIV/AIDS. Some of those manifestations include “thrush” (candidiasis, fungal infections), oral hairy leukoplakia (OHL), Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS, cancer), viral infections (HSV, CMV) and HIV-related gum diseases.

For extensive up to date HIV/AIDS related dental information, please see the HIVDENT website.

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Learn the facts about HIV/AIDS, because long-term servival means taking an ACTIVE role in your healthcare!

Important HIV/AIDS Resources

AIDS Resource Center
Client Services
(214) 521-5444

Client Services
(214) 521-5191

Cathedral of Hope
Counseling & Support
(214) 351-1901

Legacy Counseling Center
HIV/AIDS Counseling
(214) 520-6308

Nelson-Tebedo Community Clinic
Wellness Programs & Clinical Trials
(214) 528-2336


AIDS Resource Center

Center for Disease Control

Project Inform