Oral Surgery

  • Tooth extractions
  • Biopsies

Surgical Post-operative Instructions

During the First 24 Hours After Your Surgery

Bleeding is normal after surgery. Gauze 2X2’s have been placed in your mouth to help stop the bleeding. Remove the gauze packing after 20 minutes. If you are still bleeding, replace with fresh gauze given to you for another 20 minutes. Do not talk. Keep a firm pressure on the gauze. You can repeat this two or three times. If bleeding continues, moisten a tea bag and place it over the bleeding area. Tea has tannic acid in it, which helps stop bleeding. Bite down firmly, but gently. DO NOT bite through the tea bag. You may wake up with a little bit of blood on your pillow in the morning. This is normal. Remember, when you mix a little blood with a lot of saliva, it looks like a lot of blood. If bleeding persists, or if there seems to be too much blood, call Dr. Boyd.

Apply an ice pack to your face and jaw about 20 minutes out of each hour to help prevent swelling.

Do not eat or drink anything hot. Heat can cause bleeding.

Do not drink anything carbonated such as soft drinks or beer. Do not drink alcohol.

Do not use a straw or smoke. Any sucking action could cause you to loose your blood clot, which would result in a painful condition. Also, smoking will increase your chance of post-operative infection.

Keep your head elevated. Do not bend over to do tasks like tying shoes or picking something up off the floor. This activity can cause your head to throb. You may find that you wish to do this throughout the healing process because you are more comfortable.

Eat soft foods and liquids. You may want to stop on the way home and get a milk shake. It would be good for you to have something in your stomach when you take your medicine. (Use a spoon, not a straw!)

Take the medicine prescribed for you by Dr. Boyd. Take it with food. You should not drive or operate heavy machinery while taking narcotic pain medication. Take all of your antibiotics, even if you are feeling better.

After the First 24 Hours

You may eat and drink things of any temperature. You will probably want to continue eating soft foods, but use your best judgment as you slowly return to a normal diet. Remember, nutrition is important. If you are not eating enough, talk to Dr. Boyd about nutritional supplements, such as Ensure.

Resume immediately brushing and flossing the teeth that are not involved in the surgery. Gently clean around the surgical site. Not keeping the surgical site clean can delay healing and lead to infection.

You may rinse with warm salt water several times each day until you are healed. If Dr. Boyd has prescribed Peridex, be sure and use it twice each day as directed.

You may apply moist heat about 20 minutes out of each hour. You may find sipping on a hot drink helps.

You may have sutures that need to be removed. If you do, be sure and go to your suture removal appointment. Delaying too long can cause tissue to grow over the sutures, which can lead to additional discomfort.

If any complications develop, call Dr. Boyd’s emergency voice mail at 214-212-2999. Please leave a message stating your name, telephone number and the nature of the emergency. Dr. Boyd will be beeped and will return your call as soon as possible.

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